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10 ways to increase page views on your blog

 10 ways to increase page views on your blog

10 ways to increase page views on your blog
increase page views

With Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher, getting people to click on more pages greatly helps your revenue, but how do you get them to read more than one page when they visit your website? Here are some tips.

1. Create pages within the blog that contain reference material that you frequently refer to in your posts. These static pages will also be crawled and indexed by search engines and as you write posts on your topics, you can refer people to these static pages as references to what you are posting.

2. Use articles as static pages. You can reprint articles on any topic for free by visiting one of the many article directories like articlecontentprovider.

Then refer people to articles related to the post you're making. You could even add an article as a new page every time you post.

3. Check out other posts you've made on your blog or another of your blogs while you're posting.

This makes the reader click on the previous posts. You can even decide your posts by browsing past posts and deciding which one to follow.

Those files should not be lost or forgotten. It's great stuff (did you write it right?), so use it.

4. Create a page that links to your favorite posts that are timeless. Browse through your old posts, find posts you want readers to find easily, and then create a links page with those posts directly linked to.

Then add a link to that page from your front page. Call it favorite posts or whatever and you will benefit from those who click and follow those links.

5. I've posted here before about the "more" tag. You write your post as usual, then decide where you want to split the post on a new page.

You put the plus tag and readers have to click on a new page to read the rest of the story.

6. Write once a week special projects. This is a series of articles on a particular topic.

You'll offer it once a week, giving readers a week to comment on it, and then have them wait for the next few weeks' special series post Every time I add links to previous posts in that series.

7. Using your content from your other websites or blogs is also a great way to get more page views for all of them.

Use the new target tag and check out the material on your other blogs and websites.

A new window will open leaving the current blog open while they visit your other website or blog.

You can quickly double your pageviews while introducing your readers to your other websites and blogs.

8. Make a list of 10 previous posts and the links to those posts. Make a blog post about 10 things you want your readers to know and read if they haven't already.

At your suggestion, they'll at least go see if they've read those posts before, increasing their page views once again and providing old stuff to new readers. That also lets them know to search the archives for things that have been lost.

9. Using that same list of 10 posts or a new one, visit other blogs on your topic. Find posts that talk about something similar to one of those 10 posts, then instead of adding a link in your signature to the home page, make a comment there and reference the post that is similar and contains useful information for you.

That blogger and their readers will also increase your link popularity while doing this.

Please do not spam the link. Make sure it really contains useful information. Do not be trolls or spammers and you will end up with new readers and more page views for your blog.

10. Don't stop being creative. Use the tips in this article, plus come up with some of your own ways to interconnect your blog posts. Create pages. Don't just post and forget That content is valuable, use it.

Don't make people search your blog They are lazy and busy. Bring it to them. That's just good customer service.

I hope this article helps you learn that there is more to blogging than just writing a post once in a while or even every day.

If you use the tips I just gave you on your blog, I guarantee you will increase your page views, which in turn will increase your revenue if you use an ad program on your blog.


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